A 'collection' of fine musicians, the members of EO&TM represent more than 150 years of playing experience.

Yes, let that sink in for a moment!

Playing venues as intimate as a house party to large scale festivals, these 'guys' have done it all. And played it all throughout the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area.

There's something to be said for seasoned players, and EO&TM has the skills to get the crowd dancing all night long. And should you need something a little more mellow for entertainment (think background music, jazz standards, etc.), EO&TM can skillfully do that too!

The Band Members are…


Scott DSC6418-01

As the venerable leader and musical director of EO&TM, Scott's music years started with his Green Plastic Army Men. Army Men you ask? Yes, the army man is the first instrument Scott played! His soldiers sang when he played army because they were trying to impress Barbie! After the whole Barbie thing didn't take off, Scott picked up the Guitar and started jamming at eleven years of age.

Getting him started down his musical path is credited to his big sister! She convinced him to sign-up for choir in high school by mentioning the favorable female to male ratio in the class. He's been singing to impress women ever since!

Scott's musical group influence is as big as the number of collective years the group has been making music, but it all started with the LP purchased at a White Front sale... Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere by Neil Young and Crazy Horse. His first concert? Ray Charles and BB king! Favorite band is of course The Eagles with Life in the Fast Lane ranking his #1 favorite song.

The number of bands Scott has played with is a list too large to print, but includes such great groups as Section 8 and Copperfield in Davis, Ed Code and the Violators, Night Crawlers, Snafu, Funk Shui, White Sabbath and Garajmahal in Sacramento. Most memorable music experience? When his band opened for Kate Wolf at the Palms and Steel Breeze at the Oasis Ballroom. On his wish list is to perform with a local Sacramento favorite, Mumbo Gumbo, because he works out with their drummer Rick and singer Tracy at the health club and has been a fan of theirs since the Davis days.

While primarily playing electric guitar in EO&TM, Scott's favorite axe is his Taylor Acoustic “Studio” Guitar. Musicans… lots of Toys, and never enough time!


Donita DSC6445-01

Many bands have 'Eye Candy' up front & center to impress the audience. Well, with former GarajMahal band member Donita, you get Eye Candy and a set of Pipes to belt out the tunes too!

It all started with her Baby Rattle. And from there, Singing at age three, and then playing the Piano. The School Glee Club was graced with her talents which segued to her teenage years of jamming with friends.

Donita's Dad was her biggest music influence. According to Donita, 'he was a great piano player, and his band always practiced at our house, it was great. Plus I got to groove along with them!' When not listening to her Dad's band, the harmonies of The Kingston Trio, The Beach Boys, and the Mamas and the Papas... they all had it down!

Donita brings to EO&TM a breath of musical knowledge from her vast music collection and concert attendance. While she says it may date her, the first 45 she purchased was in 1963... Don't Say Nothing Bad about My Baby by the Cookies. Same year she purchased her first LP... Surfin' USA by the Beach Boys. Of course her favorite band is Led Zepplin, but her first concert was in 1963 (hmmm... there's a pattern here!), seeing The Beach Boys at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. She'll tell you her favorite song is The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil By Jefferson Airplane, though it's possible she might also say Hotel California by The Eagles.

Concerts have always been a big part of Donita's life and she's luckily seen many of the greats. How about seeing Jim Morrison crawling on the floor with the Doors at Winterland performing The Lizard King. Or seeing Led Zepplin. Jefferson Airplane and Big Brother with Janis Joplin on the same bill (hearing Grace Slick and Janis sing was always the best part for her!). And last but not least,  Breaking in to the Memorial Auditorium early in the day to be in the second row of the Beach Boys when they recorded the Beach Boys Concert Album in Sacramento. Not many of us can say that!


Owen DSC6425-01

Starting his music career at the ripe ol' age of eight, Owen began on Piano before transitioning to Bass. His favorite axe? Why that would be his 1978 Rickenbacker Bass, is MOST prized possession.

While he credits Michael Anthony, former Bass player of Van Halen as his biggest music influence, it was Deep Purple's Made in Japan that got him started (and also was the first record he bought way back when!). As for Michael Anthony? Well, Van Halen was the first concert Owen saw, though Rush is his favorite band. And don't forget Red Sector A… his favorite Rush song.

Owen hopes to one day rock the stage with Journey, though for now, his favorite music experience was getting to play with Steve Perkins, the drummer of Jane's Addiction Journey. So far, his own personal musical 'journey' has lead him through travels with eleven bands including Ed Code and the Violators and Garajmahal.


Louis DSC6470-01

Like most musicians, Louis grew up in a house full of music. His musical venture started with  John Phillip Souza marches, then progressed on to 60's and 70's music, Big Band, Jazz Fusion, Pop, Rock, Country, Disco, R&B, New Wave, New Age, Progressive, Blues... well, you get the idea.

Louis has performed and played in a variety of groups through out northern California including a number of R&B, Pop, and Rock Cover Bands, Independent Singer/Songwriters, and Party Bands, The Sacramento Banjo Band, The Sacramento Dixieland Jazz Festival, and of course the obligatory junior high, high school, and college concert/orchestra/marching/stage bands. He has worked extensively in recording studios both on the drum kit as a session player and behind the console as an engineer/technician.

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